Funky ideas jewelry are made of 925 sterling silver, brass and semiprecious stones. Sterling silver naturally tarnishes with the exposure to air and the environment as well as perfumes, lotions and perspiration. Silver is susceptible to damage by chlorine and salt. Avoid wearing silver jewelry when using chlorine or bleach or while in a pool, hot tub or sea water.

Tips for your Funky jewelry:

  • Store your jewelry away from exposure to air/environment. A zip plastic bag is a very practical and cheap way to do this. This will be especially useful for silver jewelry, as it will cut down on tarnish significantly.
  • Store your jewelry separately, so it doesn’t rub and scratch against each other.
  • Do not store jewelry next to heating vents, windowsills or in the bathroom. Damp and hot condition will cause the jewelry to tarnish badly.
  • Skin and hair products can react, causing the silver to tarnish and erode the gold. Perfumes, lotions and creams will tarnish and corrode the jewelry. Apply any scents or cosmetics before you put on your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry when exercising, cleaning, gardening or any other rough or physical work.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry at sleep.
  • Hot weather, bright sunlight and perspiration can also speed up the tarnishing process and damage gemstones. Jewelry should always be taken off before the pool, shower or sea.
  • A common Silver Polish cream is a great way to polish silver jewelry.

Advice: always disinfect your earrings before first use!

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